Acey Slade has been a member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inducted Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as well as the arena packing, re-united punk legends, the Misfits.
‘My parents always had their own businesses when I was growing up. Burning the midnight oil was par for the course. In our house the oil that fueled their ambition was coffee and music. At night, after everyone had left, I would walk around to the employees desks and drink the leftover coffee. That is, until I drank a cup that was doubling as an ash tray. Which made me vow to never try smoking.’
Side stepping the cliche’s of a touring musician, Acey opts for connoisseur coffee in his dressing room in lieu of beer or champagne. Visiting local cafe’s and roasters around the world, while others chose to nurse their morning hangovers.
‘I’ve accomplished many of the things I set out to do with music; gold albums, world tours in private 747’s, playing in a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inducted band, Sold out arenas, you name it. It would only make sense that after sharing my love of music to so many people, that I share my love coffee too!’