Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails

Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails

Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails are a great way to fulfill some your New Years resolutions. 

Greetings, CafFiends, Acey here!

It’s not unusual  for people to make a New Years resolution, and two of the most common ones seem to be cutting down on drinking and learning something new.

So, we are combining both of those with our love of coffee for these three alcohol free coffee cocktails!

Cola Diablo 
2 shots of espresso
6 oz. of Coca Cola
1 tea spoon of vanilla 
Black Julep
2 shots of espresso
Muddled Mind and Honey
with crushed Ice
Juniper Rose Espresso Tonic
Load a glass with Ice
Fill it 3/4 of the way with Tonic water
Add espresso
Add 1 shot of Dram Juniper Rose syrup 

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