Black Friday Rules

Black Friday

When we started Dead Sled coffee it was because it was something we loved (coffee), but was becoming something that we hated (elitist or a fashion accessory).

We feel like Dead Sled is really on the verge of creating something super cool. Something besides just a bag of coffee. We feel like we are creating our own team with our clients (we like that word more than customers) and love seeing how people react to the effort that’s put into creating something that’s kinda on the fringe.  Something that says, ’This is me!’.

Before we started Dead Sled, Black Friday was something we kinda dreaded or rolled our eyes at. We are sure you feel the same way…well…except that it has a cool name (which sucked too because really its black everyday, but I digress…).

Now, these made up consumer driven holidays are a chance for us to wave our freak flag high. It’s saying, ‘I’m not going to the big chain store just because I’m supposed to!’  We created a brand for the outcasts. Now the outcasts have some place to shop. So, we get super excited when these holidays come up because it gives us a chance to express ourselves and maybe throw a monkey wrench in the mainstream.

If you are stuck with what to buy for your family or friends, that still says, ’This is from me!’. Make sure you check out all the new Vincent Price, Bela Lugosi and Vampira items. Also, keep your eyes out for the the bundles we will be offering in…alternative packaging, LOL.

Most of all, thank you for your support.

Dreaming of a Black Christmas,


One thought on “Black Friday Rules

  1. Greg Peoples says:

    Awesome story!!! I hope you have a safe tour and to everyone in deadsled have a great thanksgiving. Me and the family aren’t doing anything this year but it’s all good!!! Take care and thank you for creating deadsled coffee!!!

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