Black Walnut Symphony

black walnut symphony

Introducing Dead Sled Coffee Queen’s Black Walnut Symphony

Now that fall is upon us it’s time for the warm seasonal coffee drinks. This is one of my favorites to warm up to.

There is a whole lot of wiggle room with this recipe. That’s part of the reason I like it so much. Use your favorites for ingredients and the measurement of “part” to me honestly means “use your judgement” I always use a shot glass to measure the whiskey and the Mozart but everything is truly to taste.

1 part your favorite whiskey or bourbon. 3 parts of Draven hot coffee (or your favorite Dead Sled coffee) 1/2 part Mozart (get the symphony now?) chocolate liquor 1/4 part simple cinnamon syrup. Top with heavy cream or whipped cream. If you are feeling fancy you can grate chocolate or cinnamon for garnish.

Let us know how you make this your own!