Robert Englund pre-orders start September 28

Just in case you’ve missed it, Robert Englund and Dead Sled Coffee announced a coffee collaboration last month. Since then we haven’t really given any details outside of a teaser here and there. We’ve recently released the artwork, but now it’s time for the rest of the information. Before the fulltime Robert Englund coffee is […]

Robert Englund teams up with Dead Sled Coffee

robert englund

Hey everyone, Mike T here! Over the past few months we’ve been secretly working on a new coffee project. Hints have been dropped over the last few weeks and questions arose. Yesterday, announced from his Twitter, Robert Englund has teamed up with us to launch our next artist collaboration coffee, and we couldn’t be more […]

NYC Ska Legends and Dead Sled Coffee Team Up

nyc ska

New Dead Sled Artist Partnership   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30thth, 2020 Dead Sled Coffee, LLC   The Toasters and Dead Sled Coffee, LLC Partner Up NYC Ska legends, The Toasters and Dead Sled Coffee team up to launch the new single origin, organic Papua New Guinea coffee. New York, NY: Dead Sled Coffee […]

Filtered coffee may help you live longer

filtered coffee

If you didn’t already know, coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide. Also, it’s been reported to significantly lessen cardiovascular issues. To add to that, filtered coffee may help you live longer. In a recent study done by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, they examined the association between filtered and non filtered coffee and […]