Celebrate National Coffee Day… With Pumpkin

Happy National Coffee Day!

We wrestled with the idea like a Cajun wrestling an alligator. And as the fates would have it on a recent trip to New Orleans inspiration hit.

We (meaning you as well if you are reading this) love the fall. We love Halloween and a few years ago, before every Kardashian under the sun turned it into a selfie opportunity we LOVED our Pumpkin Flavored coffee. Not only at this time of year, but especially at this time of year.

So…how does DSC come up with our own Pumpkin coffee and not feel like every other Kim, Khloe, or Kylie (or…Kourtney… Ye Gods..).

First, we use real Columbian Ariabica coffee. If the coffee sucked, no amount of syrup pumps in the world will cover that. (That whole lipstick on a pig thing)

Then we refuse to call it Pumpkin Spice because it’s way way more than that. This is our Jack O Lantern blend and it’s NOT flavored coffee. It’s infused coffee that has a little chicory smokiness and little pumpkin sweetness. It kicks PSLs ass all over the fall season.


This is how we Celebrate National Coffee day and the first weekend of Fall!

Ladies and Ghouls!

Happy National Coffee Day-we present to you, the Jack O Lantern 1031/247 blend!

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