Coffee and music bring people together

Mike W here and I just had a moment in NYC that showed how coffee and music bring people together. I was doing my morning walk across town and it’s freezing today so I wanted a cup of something hot. On my way out the door I forgot my Dead Sled Coffee (UGH!) and the thought of drinking the drek at the office was a huge no so I decided to pop into a local coffee house.

For those of you familiar with NYC you know you can’t walk a few feet without passing someone selling caffeine in a cup. Anyway, I popped in and placed my order by loudly speaking over the Jay-Z album that was blasting. Regardless if you are a fan of Jay-Z or hip hop in general, what I saw made my day. The entire staff started rapping along word for word while some of the patrons joined in completely drowning out the music playing. It was a fun moment by a mixed group of people, many of them strangers but they all had this one song in common.

Corny as it may sound, it gave me chills and made me happy. Music and coffee brings everyone together. I received my cup and put my earbuds back in and “Tunic (song got Karen)” by Sonic Youth was playing. Sadly when I busted out the lyrics all I was greeted with was looks of disgust and horror. Haha! Have a great day everyone and don’t forget your Dead Sled when heading out the door!