Coffee is Family

coffee is family

Coffee is an experience. Coffee is family.

A blog by Acey Slade:

Take a moment to think back on some of the most significant moments in your life that involve coffee. For me, it was going to my first AA meeting. I needed something more than convenient store coffee, and I also tried that Starb… whatever the name of that place is that everyone was talking about.

When I got married, the venue we chose was close to our favorite coffee shop, so we had them cater the event. When the band I play for sold out the Prudential Center in NJ, my ‘rock star’ request was my favorite roaster back stage which had to be imported from Canada.

So from the bottom to the top of everything in-between, the memory of coffee is one of the threads in the fabric of the event. I doubt the barista who served me while on my way to that AA meeting had any clue about the significance of that cup.

Now that we own Dead Sled, I try to keep that in mind with every activity involving the company. For us, coffee is family, and if you’re choosing Dead Sled, thank you for making us a part of your family. 

We promise to drive you WAY less crazy than your real life one.