Cyber Monday

cyber monday

We live in a really exciting time if you’re an entrepreneur. We are afforded the luxury of not having to have a physical location and we don’t have to pay for print adds. But what that does mean is that we rely heavily on word of mouth and creative way’s to spread that Dead Sled Coffee makes the coffiest tasting coffee!

Given the fact that our company is geared towards outsiders, we often debate taking part in the commercialized holidays. You would be surprised at the times we opt to skip out on a cash grab that “Hallmark” Holidays would definitely monetize.

But, some of them are just plain fun! National Doughnut day for example, totally made up…but fun as hell! And delicious!

Count us in.

Black Cat appreciation Day…can’t wait till we cross paths with that.

Then there’s Cyber Monday. We are very, very aware that we live in a time where we can take a risk and make a product some people would call a terrible marketing idea. A coffee company named after a slang term for a hearse, selling horror themed coffees, etc. We couldn’t do this before the digital age. And so, we are doing a pretty sick Cyber Monday sale. We hope you see it as a thank you for being one of our kind and also hopes help take a little of the guess work and financial strain off of the holidays.

For all of Monday, December 2nd, you can take 20% off your order with coupon code CYBER20. However, we do want to let you know that our bundles do not qualify for the discount.

Merry Krampus, Deadlies!