Diana Whittles is the unicorn, rainbow glitter loving founder of Dead Sled Coffee. Do not allow the Princess title, or her love of all things pink and sparkly to fool you. She moves at a fast pace and lives by the adage “Do no harm but take no shit”.
Born and raised in New York City means she’s jaded beyond belief, and holds the rest of the world & all it’s inhabitants to a crazy high standard.
Diana’s work ethic was instilled into her by her father who she watched build his own company from nothing, into a multi million dollar enterprise.
He also gave her passion for music. He himself was a singer in a band in his younger days, and made sure his daughters grew up with a large spectrum of music styles. Of course he couldn’t have been too pleased when Diana gravitated to the hair bands…
Dead Sled Coffee is built in his memory and honor.
Married to Mike, she’s first and foremost a stay at home mom to two moose sized teenage boys.
She drinks her coffee light and sweet and is completely unashamed about it.