From Tea To Shining Tea

Bourbon Tea

Blog by:  Mike T

In it’s proper form (hot), I’ve never been a fan of tea. I’ve always been a coffee guy. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever really been exposed to your traditional hot tea. Nobody in my family drank it. We certainly didn’t bring hot tea out with us into the field while I was in the Air Force. In all honesty, until I was introduced to our Nightshade Tea, my only experience was buying iced tea from my local convenient store. No need for names, we all know what I’m talking about.

Enter, Dead Sled. I remember before we officially launched receiving a package in the mail that contained a container of our Nightshade Bourbon Tea. I was like “WOW, this packaging is amazing, but it’s going to be a decoration because I don’t enjoy hot tea.” My lack of knowledge aroused my curiosity though. I sent a text message to my Dead Sled family and asked them how to make tea. Yes, I didn’t know how to make tea. Wanna fight about it? Anyhow, after being chastised for not knowing, I then asked how many satchels to make a pitcher of iced tea. Yes, you can use our Nightshade Tea for iced tea too! So that’s what I did.

Finally, I got it. I understood what “specialty” or, “craft” tea was all about it. While I still may not like hot tea, I still enjoy iced tea. Actually, I fell in love with our Kentucky Bourbon Iced Tea. No, there’s no alcohol in it. But… I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t try to spike mine and make a nice little mixer out of it. Little bit of high quality bourbon + our Nightshade Tea is a match made in Dead Sled heaven.

So, I’m telling you now.. If you’re like me, you don’t like tea, but you enjoy the sugary garbage you buy from a store, give ours a try, make a pitcher of it, chill it, and enjoy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.