George C. Romero joins Dead Sled Coffee’s collaboration family


Let’s welcome George C. Romero to the Dead Sled Coffee family!

The ink is dry, so we can now officially announce that George C. Romero is the next Celebrity to join the Dead Sled Coffee collaboration family.

George C. Romero is a veteran film and television producer, director, best selling comic book writer, CEO of Romero Pictures and founder of The Veterans’ Compound, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping Veterans through the visual arts and granular aspects of filmmaking. 

Born into the Entertainment Industry, Romero took the road less traveled and has spent the past 30 years working across the Industry, in various capacities, but has always stayed true to his belief that Indie Film Creators have to feed and nurture their inner creative, develop a trust relationship with it and believe that it will always steer a Creative towards the right choices.

cold dead war

With two comic book series, two dozen films and hundreds of commercial campaigns and brand strategies under his belt, George has written, produced and/or directed 35 films, television and streaming projects and serves as a business consultant and mentor for young and new filmmakers, content creators and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the turbulence of the Entertainment Industry.

Believing that storytelling is the oldest and purest form of carrying on a legacy, Romero’s mission is one not lightly taken as he has dedicated Romero Pictures to the development of content that nurtures the purest form of creativity, while focusing on the need for content to truly invoke independent thought.

George C. Romero continues to look to the vast playground of Indie Horror as a place to not only contribute next generation genre content, but as a place from which to source the next generation of genre storytellers, intellectual properties and terraforms of genre worlds as he works to cement the next hundred years of the Romero legacy.

There is currently no launch date announced, but we assure you that the end result will be terrifyingly delicious!