How to Clean a Coffee Maker

how to clean your coffee maker

Hey everyone, Mike T here and if you’ve ever wondered about the best way in how to clean a coffee maker, this may be of some interest to you.

I can remember the old school coffee maker that hung on the wall in my parents house. You know what I’m talking about. Those General Electric Spacemakers that mounted on the wall under your cabinets.

I can remember times when our entire apartment smelled like vinegar, and how awful it smelled. I would ask my mother what that smell was, and she’d tell me she was cleaning the coffee maker.

At the time it didn’t make sense to me, but now that I’m older and obviously a coffee drinker, I get it.

I own a drip coffee maker, but it’s not a single drip. It looks like a shower head will multiple holes so it covers the entire filter-full of coffee. As a younger person, I could never understand why the coffee started to taste different after a while, and why I couldn’t those awful stains out of the pot. But finally I understood, and this is where I give you my way in cleaner a coffee maker.

How much vinegar do you use to clean a coffee maker?

Over the years I’ve heard so many different formula variations but this is what I’ve found works for me.

Fill your maker up with white vinegar as if you were making a full pot of coffee. Do not dilute it with water. Then, run your normal coffee making cycle like you would. Let the hot vinegar sit in your pot for at least 30 minutes. Then, pour it out.

Then, simply repeat that process 2-3 times, but with water. You definitely want to make sure the vinegar smell and taste are gone prior to brewing your next pot of coffee. Yuck.

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