Joe Letz

Joe Letz

We aren’t sure if Joe Letz needs more coffee due to the number of music related projects he’s involved in, or if he’s already had too much given his high energy personality.

Perhaps this is why he’s also invented 2 alter ego’s; Tony Bologna and Nancy.

For those that are not familiar here is a little bit about Joe, (..and Tony and Nancy’s) history.

Joe  is a drummer and DJ best known as the drummer (NOW FORMER) for Combichrist and Emigrate. He’s also played drums for Aesthetic Perfection, Amen, and Mortiis. Letz DJs in his downtime between tours and supported Rammstein as a DJ on their US Tour in 2012.

As if that isn’t enough, Joe has a sick merch company called Repulsive Apparel or Fuxleep.

“I just have a really strange sense of humor and I make these parody tee shirts of thing I see in my head…and people seem to enjoy them!” Says Joe.

The shirts are sort of a mash up parody. One of the biggest designs has ‘Sleia’ in a Slayer logo, with Princess Leia flashing the devil horns.

Joe’s been downing some Dead Sled Coffee over the past couple weeks to fuel all of his upcoming projects.  Make sure you keep an eye out for Joe on tour with Emigrate, or Letz DJ. Also check out Fuxleep for some bad ass merch.