Joshua Coburn

Joshua Coburn

Joshua Coburn is a youth speaker, author, mentor & “Corporate Oddity” who has spent his life & career redefining stereotypes, living his passions, and assisting others to Dream Big, Believe Big, & Succeed Big.

How does he do all that? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. His poison of choice? Dead Sled! Josh has made it his mission to make kindness a way of life while speaking with students across the nation. He has also released his book, ‘Shit That Needs Said’.

“I felt like an outcast in my small town. Through that there was a lot of anger and loss of self-worth, I had very little personal value. I did not know what anxiety was and that was what I was feeling, but I dealt with that for years. September 5th, 2001 is the day when I decided that I was going to end my life because of all this, because of the things we all carry. Thankfully, I got up hours later, after writing the note, realizing that I felt better and the reason I felt better was that I released something – that is the beginning for me of the change that led me to where I am today.”

Joshua Coburn

The results of those changes have been several books, the most recently being ‘Shit That Needs Said…so you can kick all the ass’. No punches are pulled by the bad ass renaissance man in Shit That Needs Said. It’s is a daily reader filled with honest, authentic, & encouraging words to help you get your life together, regardless of the hell or hardships you face!

Josh’s book is here to provide massive encouragement in small doses! Dive in, get inspired, and get your shit together…and then go kick all the ass!

So now, when you see Dead Sled use the phrase, ‘Coffee, so you can kick all the ass…’ you now know where it comes from.

Here is a link to a podcast he did with Chris Grosso on the Be Here Now Network.