Maple Syrup Coffee Recipe

maple syrup coffee

When we think of Maple Syrup we often associate it with the fall and incorporate it into our fall dishes. Did you know that Maple Syrup is actually harvested and made between the months of February to April?Did you also know that the stuff that we put on our pancakes and waffles in diners and restaurants is also known as “table syrup” and has almost nothing to do with actual real maple syrup and in fact tastes nothing like the real stuff? I am a syrup snob and for this Maple Syrup Coffee recipe I’m going to insist that you splurge on a bottle of the real stuff as it truly makes all the difference in world for the taste. Don’t believe me? Try making this drink with real syrup and then with the fake stuff. Drop me a line and let me know which you prefer.


  • 8 ounces strong coffee (I recommend Dead Sled’s Resurrection for this recipe) 
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1-2 tablespoons REAL maple syrup
  • pinch of ground cloves
  • pinch of allspice
  • pinch of fresh nutmeg


  • Add maple syrup and spices to the bottom of a mug, stir to combine.
  • Place milk into a microwave safe jar and heat for about 30 seconds, until warm. Tightly screw lid onto jar and shake for a few seconds, until milk is foamy.
  • Pour hot, strong coffee over maple syrup. Top with foamy milk. Garnish with more spices if desired.