Mike W’s Favorites – A Spotify Playlist

Mike W's Favorites

Mike W here and I added 10 more songs to my favorite song playlist on Spotify. 

Here are the track listings and the reason why it made the list:

100,000 years by KISS – From the debut album in 1974 this KISS classic is my favorite tune by the rock legends. Plus it smokes as much today as it did 45 years ago. 

Bullet by The Misfits – For me, this song represents everything I love about the band. The Lyrics by Danzig, pedal down music and it’s all done in 1:31. Amazing. 

Where’d You Go by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – If you can listen to this tune without dancing then you must be dead. Also, just like the words on one of my favorite shirts, “Ben Carr is my spirit animal”.

Modern Love by David Bowie – In all fairness this whole album is perfect start to finish. This song always makes me dance and will always bring me back to singing along with the Pink Princess while at a dive bar in New Orleans at 2am. 

The Headmaster Ritual by the Smiths – my favorite band of all time so it is hard to pick just one. This track is the first song off Meat is Murder and a song that was dedicated to me at my Junior Prom by my date. Bittersweet as she is no longer with us but this will always remind me of a special night in 1988. 

Beige Sunshine by The Dead Milkmen – I have been milkmen obsessed since 1986 when my girl friend bought me the Big Lizard album and warped my teen age brain. This tune is everything I love about them. Rodney’s lyrics and Joe shredding the solo makes me happy every time I hear it. 

The Cutter by Echo and the Bunnymen – If you grew up in the 80s then no explanation is necessary. Ian McCulloch is a god and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong. 

Negative Creep by Nirvana – Bleach is an amazing album, the song still smokes today and if it comes on around my boy Chuck and I you better take a few steps back  

Hold My Life by The Replacements – First real rock concert I attended and these guys are so dear to my heart. This is everything I love in a rock band. So catchy and so well written. 

Kiss Me Deadly by Generation X – Billy Idol, Tony James… COME ON! That’s all you need to know. 

I will keep adding songs from time to time and build upon my all time favorite tunes. Thanks for being part of our Dead Sled Coffee community, you all rock!!

Check out the full playlist below: