NYC Ska Legends and Dead Sled Coffee Team Up

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New Dead Sled Artist Partnership


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 30thth, 2020

Dead Sled Coffee, LLC


The Toasters and Dead Sled Coffee, LLC Partner Up

NYC Ska legends, The Toasters and Dead Sled Coffee team up to launch the new single origin, organic Papua New Guinea coffee.

New York, NY: Dead Sled Coffee today announces a new partnership with The Toasters. This partnership will continue the everlasting connection of coffee and artists, this time venturing into the Ska genre.

“As a fan of SKA music myself, it’s an absolute honor to work with such a legendary band such as The Toasters”, says Mike Thorwart, co-owner at Dead Sled Coffee. “It was such a smooth process and honestly, this collaboration came out of nowhere, and we couldn’t be more excited for it”

“From the Lower East Side of NYC The Toasters have been Running Right Through The World since 1981. With over 5,000 live shows from Italy to Indonesia, Caracas to Colombia we have had the opportunity to grab some good coffee in some far flung places” says Robert “Bucket” Hingley, vocalist and guitarist of The Toasters. “It’s good to team up closer to home with someone who can help with our daily grind. We are looking forward to getting the next tour brewing with some good music and some awesome coffee!”

About Dead Sled Coffee: Dead Sled Coffee strives to create a culture of acceptance and respect no matter what your level of coffee knowledge is. Dead Sled is the highest quality of freshly roasted coffee that comes along with a dark dense of humor, the love of originality, artists and entertainment.

About The Toasters: Formed on the Lower East Side of NYC the band is the longest running US SKA formation. They bridge the gap between England’s 2-Tone movement and the American Ska explosion of the 90’s which they are rightfully credited with starting.  During the 3rd Wave Ska revival The Toasters formed the famous Moon Records label and kick-started the careers of dozens of bands.

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