Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles

Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles

See you this weekend at Oddities Flea Market Los Angeles.

Hey creeps, Acey here. When we started Dead Sled, it was at a time where I had landed a very high profile music gig. The strategy has been to play less shows, but with a higher attendance. Thus, giving me more time on my hands for other projects, while still satisfying my music passion. This couldn’t have worked out better.

Dead Sled is doing great and all of the shows we have done with the band have sold out. However, I miss hanging out with you creeps. The perfect remedy for this has been having Dead Sled vend at events ranging from the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market to the Oddities Flea Market in Brooklyn.

We are even breaking out into the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and there are some Summer concerts you will see us at as well. It would appear that our demand has exceeded the East Coast.

I’m proud to announce that we will be vending not only at the Oddities Los Angeles Flea Market on May 18th and 19th, but also at an event in Downtown L.A. Presented by Atlas Obscura and Oddities Flea Market, we will have caffeinated refreshments at the all-day workshops on Thursday May 16th.

Various work shops on a variety of subjects include; Cat Articulation with Ryan Matthew Cohn, Mouse Taxidermy with Amber Maykut, Victorian Mourning Hair Relics with Karen Bachmann, and a portrait photo session with Karen Jerzyk.

This is located at Paul Kaufman Gallery, 113 East 8th Street, Los Angeles, California, 90014.

Hope to see some of you at the Oddities ‘Pre-Show’ on Thursday. If not, definitely catch us on Saturday and Sunday at the Globe Theater in downtown L.A.