Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

pleased to meet you

Welcome to Dead Sled Coffee®!

First, we would like to say thank you for checking out our coffee, but also going a step further and checking out our blog.  Second, it’s time we introduce ourselves and how Dead Sled came to be.  I’m Acey!  I’m a musician who has played in at least one band in your record collection (hopefully!).  I’ve loved coffee since I was a kid.  I used to sneak my parents coffee when they weren’t looking.. this turned into me sneaking their booze when they weren’t looking.. and eventually led to me sobering up.  Getting sober only increased my appetite for good coffee.  Over the past 20 years of touring the world, it has became my mission to try the best coffee in whatever town I may be in. (That’s a lot of coffee.)

Rewind to New York City in the mid to late 90’s where I befriended Diana Sherman, (Now Diana Whittles).  We used to run in the same circles and often wonder how we lived through the decadence of NYC Rock Clubs.  Over the years we maintained that friendship and would touch base on a pretty consistent basis.  Often times at my house we would be listening to bands and making coffee from some of my recent treks on tour.  We would joke about the pretentiousness associated with 3rd Wave or connoisseur coffee, yet marvel at the undeniable quality.  One day Diana mentioned the idea of starting a coffee company that would show a passion for coffee that doesn’t have to be posh or hipster; that good coffee can be the standard for every cup.

We discussed how coffee is as much of a lifestyle as music is.  So why not mix the two?  I was intrigued and inspired.  I had wanted to start a coffee company for a long time, but knew there was no way I could do it on my own.  Much of that due to my lack of having feet on the ground long enough to handle the day to day tasks.  Enter Mike, the Big Boss Man, who is also Diana’s husband.  Mike came to the table with the ability to get to the core of our ideas and the ability to facilitate them, and…just as important…good taste in music.  We’ve also been utilizing the talents of our web designer Mike T and  graphic artist Jared Farrell.  With a team in place, a vision and commitment to bringing great coffee to the outcasts, we launched Dead Sled Coffee®. So welcome & we hope you enjoy being a part of our journey.


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