Mike T’s Quarantine Playlist

quarantine playlist

What’s up, Deadlies? Mike T here coming to you from my living room on day 12 of my Coronavirus “lock down”. As I was sitting around this morning sipping a mug of our Black Walnut coffee I was thinking about how much music I’ve been listening to lately. Then, I got an idea.

Spotify has recently released a personalized “On Repeat” playlist to let us know what songs we’ve been listening to the most. Since the COVID-19 outbreak a lot of us have been stuck at home for the most part, myself included. As mentioned above, today is day 12 for me.

Therefore, I’ve decided to create and share a Spotify playlist with you with of 30 songs that I can’t seem to get enough of right now. From Code Orange, Deftones, Nothing, Wisdom in Chains and more, this playlist has a mix of the hardest of the hard, to the chill relaxing-type, to the in between. I hope you enjoy the quarantine playlist. Let us know what you’re listening to!


Song List:

  • Sextape by Deftones
  • You’ll Never Get To Me by Killing Joke
  • Zero Day by Nothing
  • Hanging from the Family Tree by Incendiary
  • Love You to Death by Type O Negative
  • A.D. by Hatebreed
  • Front Toward Enemy by Incendiary
  • Underneath by Code Orange
  • When We Were Young by Wisdom In Chains
  • Risk by Deftones
  • Bullet by Covenant
  • Visions of You by Sextile
  • Forever by Code Orange
  • Soul Sacrifice by Power Trip
  • No Fair by Angel Du$t
  • Curse of the Serpent by Jesus Piece
  • Chasing the Dragon by Wisdom In Chains
  • Primitive Rage by Incendiary
  • I Am King by Code Orange
  • Two Coins by City and Colour
  • You Better Run by Death Valley Dreams
  • Still Burning by Incendiary
  • Already Dead by Wisdom In Chains
  • Last Ones Left by Code Orange
  • Dissension by Incendiary
  • Depths by Southpacific
  • Forget Your Name by Knocked Loose
  • Rat Race by Enziguri
  • The Dead Are Dumb by Nothing
  • Something Real by Power Alone