Rockin’ Roll Draven

Rockin Draven

We want to rock in 2019 by showcasing some coffee slugging musicians we think rock.

Rock n’ Roll and coffee songs stretch a diverse cross section of rockers from Johnny Cash (A Cup of Coffee) to Black Flag (Black Coffee). Bob Marley to The Decedents (Coffee Mug) and countless others.

And seeing how us rock n’ rollers are often misunderstood, we also decided to feature our Draven blend which donates $2.00 from every bag to our winged friend the bat, and Bat Conservation International.

Bats are extremely misunderstood. For example; bats play a huge role in our ecosystem, yet only 3 species are vampiric.

Over the month of January, you will see us talk about, and post images of some of our fave bat facts and some of our fave rockers. We hope you enjoy both and take time to appreciate the important rolls both play.