Thanks For The Support

Dead Sled Coffee was founded with the intent of bringing connoisseur quality coffee to the creeps, freaks, rockers and outcasts.  While the hipsters have great coffee, we have better music. Why shouldn’t we have both? That’s where Dead Sled comes in.  From the very beginning we wanted the world to know that we support artists on the fringe and that’s exactly why we chose Damien Echols for our first Artist Blend.

With each bag of Damien’s Tzadkiel blend you are helping to support a magical person striving to take their art, skill and in his case magick, to the next level.  With each bag you also get closer to winning the 1 of a kind signed artist proof of Damien’s coffee. There is only one. And it could be yours!  We have officially been selling coffee for one month!  We are selling what we humbly feel is superior coffee and at the same time supporting a life style for oddballs. We would go so far as to say we feel Dead Sled Coffee is fuel for the peculiar.  Thanks for the support this first month!

And don’t forget to post the photos of you with the Damien Echols bag to win the signed artist proof! Use the hashtags #deadsledcoffee #damienechols #highmagick

Read more about the contest HERE:

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