The Bash Festival Recap

The Bash Festival

Mike W here with a recap of last weekend’s The Bash Festival. All of us at Dead Sled Coffee had a blast slinging our coffee and tea while rocking out to some amazing bands in NJ. 

The Bash Festival took place in the old raceway park in Old Bridge, NJ. As a kid you couldn’t listen to the radio without hearing those commercials and the announcer yelling, “RACEWAYYYYY PARK!”. Personally, it was a lot of fun seeing a show in a venue attached to childhood nostalgia. It was also fun watching our Elena dance around a girl that decided to sleep in front of our booth but that’s a totally different story. Maybe she should of opted for some of our iced Kentucky Bourbon Tea which has an amazing taste without putting you to sleep. Watching all the folks dancing around holding our orange stadium cups was a blast. Madball rocked the house to open the musical festivities (they killed it!). Lightening interrupted the schedule and seemed to make people crave our cold brew as we were slammed from that point on. 

L7, Suicidal Tendencies and Pennywise all rocked the NJ outdoor venue while the Dead Sled Crew served up hot coffee, cold brew and Iced Tea. At one point I walked around during Suicidal Tendencies set and a few girls holding orange cups yelled at me “Dead Sled!!!” and we all had a mini dance session to Mike Muir and the SoCal crew.  So much fun! 

Rancid came out and smoked a few songs (Roots Radicals, Maxwell Murder, Journey to the End of the East Bay) while Acey and I sang along and danced as best we could after a LONG day outside. Lightening and the rains came to cut short Rancid’s set and send the huge crowd looking for cover. I, in their words of Acey Slade, did a great job guarding the van from the torrential rain (I’ll pat myself on the back here LOL!). 

All of us at Dead Sled Coffee thank everyone that came out, took photos, drank our beverages and made us part of your day. You all rock and we can’t wait to see you at another event soon!