Vanilla Ice Cubes

Vanilla Ice Cubes

Vanilla Ice Cubes you say? Don’t mind if we do.

Mike W here and wanted to share a quick tip I discovered while recovering from surgery. All of us at Dead Sled Coffee are super proud of our cold brew body bags. We took all the hard work out of prepping cold brew and offered it to you in a neat little pouch. I’ve been addicted to our Draven Black Walnut cold brew since it’s recent release and since I’m home recovering, I started thinking about ways to change it up. 

I took 2 cups of almond milk, a couple of dashes of vanilla extract and some Splenda to taste (how you or if you sweeten it is totally up to you!). I mixed it up and dropped it in a few bat and skull ice cube trays. Then a few hours later… yep, vanilla ice ice baby! (Sorry – I couldn’t resist!). Anyway, vanilla ice cubes gave my cold brew a different twist without adding too many calories or watering it down. Try it and I bet you’ll be singing like a funky white boy too. 

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer and enjoying yourself some Dead Sled Cold Brew!

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