3,000 Orders and Increased Shipping Rates

Pretty soon Dead Sled Coffee will be approaching our 3,000th order since we started. That is a mind blowing number to us when you consider that in Coca-Cola’s first year they only sold 25 bottles. Speaking of mind blowing facts, did you know that a large portion of Dead Sled Coffee is certified from the […]

Valentines Day gift ideas that aren’t coffee

valentines day gift ideas

Running out of Valentines Day gift ideas? Does your Valentine already have the Dead Sled range of coffee? We’re pretty sure you already know about our Valentines Day marriage of our Bela’s Brew and Vampira, and it may sound counter productive to suggest ideas that aren’t coffee, but we aren’t just about that. So, if […]

Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails

Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails

Alcohol Free Coffee Cocktails are a great way to fulfill some your New Years resolutions.  Greetings, CafFiends, Acey here! It’s not unusual  for people to make a New Years resolution, and two of the most common ones seem to be cutting down on drinking and learning something new. So, we are combining both of those […]

Dead Sled Rewards Are Here!

dead sled rewards

Hey Deadlies, Mike T here and we have an exciting announcement for you! While we love running sales and giving our customers coupon codes, sometimes, our products aren’t always on sale. We wanted to provide a way that you could earn “Dead Sled Dollars” (rewards) so you can earn money off your purchases at Dead […]