Is the Coffee Any Good?

is the coffee any good

Hey, everyone! Dead Sled Coffee Queen here.

These days it feels like everyone is offended by something and everyone wants to have the world the way they want it to be. 

Unfortunately there are some things you cannot change that might be offensive but are just facts and one of them is “sex sells”.

The Pacific Northwest embraced this age old adage by offering coffee sold out of tiny kiosks with female baristas wearing equally tiny outfits. Traditional coffee houses saw a serious sharp decline in their business because honestly, if I can get my morning coffee with a game of peek a boob, I’d be crazy not to. 

These little kiosks had massive lines with daily regulars and then the government stepped in at the behest of the traditional coffee joints and said “nope, knock it off. This can’t go on” and one by one the shops were told their girls had to cover up or shut down and the fun was sucked right out of the concept. 

Fast forward to today and men are getting in on the act. They are called “Bro-ristas” and they are serving coffee topless and apparently the gimmick is catching on with more than a few coffee kiosks with smooth shaven, 6 pack wearing, wolf smile flashing guys are are doing what the ladies weren’t allowed to do. 

But in the end, my only question is; “Is the coffee any good“?