Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Ice Cubes

tea ice cubes

Diana here again, back with another summer recipe. This one is for our amazing Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Ice Cubes.

We all know the recipe for iced tea: Boil water, add a delicious Dead Sled Coffee Nightshade tea bag, pour over ice. Enjoy. Have you ever felt that the necessary component of the ice cubes waters your drink down and dilutes the taste? I have your solution! Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Ice Cubes made with the very tea you are drinking! As the cubes melt they don’t dilute your drink, they enhance it!

Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Cubes.

Brew a batch of tea – Tea should be made strong. I use 5 tea bags for every 1.7 L of boiling water & let it steep for a long time. You can use more or less depending on your taste. You can add sugar if you like your tea sweeter or leave it as is (we at Dead Sled all agree that this is one of the only teas we can drink without adding a sweetener) Let it cool to room temp. Pour into ice cube trays. Freeze overnight or however long it takes your freezer to make solid ice cubes. Add to the beverage of your choice.

Super simple but game changing! Enjoy!!!

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