Don’t Lose Your Shirt


Black tee shirts. I can’t get enough of them. I love black tee shirts like Imelda Marcos loves shoes. I had my sister offer to make me a blanket out of all my old tee’s so I could retire some. But that’s just it…the older they are, the more I love ‘em, and the harder they are to part with. You know, when the fabric gets good and soft that the ink doesn’t stick to you when you sweat?

To some people it’s a tee shirt. For people like us, a black tee shirt is a statement. But more than that- it’s something we make memories in.

It might be something you leave at someones house after a one night stand, but you really wanna see them again. So now you leave the tee shirt and have an excuse to go back to their house; to get the shirt! On the other side, maybe you’re dating for a little while and you miss the way that person smells…so you steal their favorite tee and sleep with it. So in the final evaluation of the relationship tee…you might grieve the loss of your favorite tee to a lover who keeps it out of spite.

Yep-we go deep!

From our coffee to our merchandise, we put a lot of thought into everything DSC puts out. With every order we get in, we feel the honor of being invited into your homes and lives.

Thanks for being part of the DSC crew!