French Press Coffee vs. Drip, a backstage comparison

Fresh Press Coffee

By: Mike T

This past Saturday, The Misfits brought the house down at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. For those of you who were unaware, our very own Acey Slade is currently their touring rhythm guitarist. Because of that, Mike W and I flew out for the weekend to watch what was sure to be an incredible show.

Fast forward to early Saturday evening. After trampling through the unexpected snow storm, we were finally warm and relaxing in Acey’s dressing room. It didn’t take long to start discussing coffee and Dead Sled stuff. I know, shocking right?

While Acey was preparing to make some coffee in a regular drip machine, I noticed he had the ability to make French Press coffee, which caused me to strike up a conversation about comparing the difference between the two.

What was even better is we had our brand new Papua New Guinea coffee available to us, so we decided to do a backstage comparison between drip and French Press using our brand new PNG coffee.

We proceeded to make our PNG via your regular coffee drip, and using a French Press. Let the tasting commence.

While both were absolutely delicious, the taste via French Press was so much fuller than the drip machine. I have a drip machine at home, however mine is like a shower head so the entire filter full of coffee is covered, unlike the single drip that we used backstage.

Acey informed me that French Press is his preferred method of brewing coffee. It just may now become mine as well. Especially when using our Oddities Papua New Guinea. If you haven’t tried it yet, whether it’s via drip, French Press, what have you, I highly recommend it.

Side note: The Misfits absolutely ripped on stage this past Saturday night and I urge you to catch their show in Los Angeles on June 29th, 2019.

Speaking of our Papua New Guinea Coffee, as a reminder, this Saturday, May 4th is our Dead Sled Coffee/Oddities launch party which takes place at SoHo Ink. Click HERE for full event details.

See you then.

Mike T