Fueled by Rock N Roll

Fueled By Rock N Roll

Dead Sled Coffee… Fueled by Rock N Roll.

Hey Creeps, Acey here. When we started Dead Sled I thought that once we got up and running, it would be a great place for my fellow musicians to work when they needed day jobs. Boy, what a mistake that was!

While our coffee continued to taste great, these guys were proven to be less than stellar employees. How am I so sure?  At Dead Sled, the quality of the shipping and packaging is also important to us. For that reason, we include a quality control card signed by whomever packed your order. This way if there are any issues we know who to throw under the bus. It’s also our way of thanking you for your order, but a great way to keep tabs on our employees.  Below is a list of infringing items found in packages sent by my musician friends.

Michael Star/Steel Panther; I found a can of hair spray in his ‘package’.

Wednesday 13; I found a Plan 9 from Outer-space DVD.

Joe Letz;……don’t get me started…

Jinxx/Black Veil BridesI don’t know! He would only come in if he could work a night shift. We never actually SAW him at the shop!

Dave Lombardo: Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Cross; crumbs from a Cuban sandwich.

Obviously we’re joking with all this. What we are not joking about is that every order shipped this week will receive a shipping/quality control card signed by one of the above, and also myself. How cool is that?! I’ll repeat; With every order of Dead Sled this week you can get an autographed card by one of these guys! We are super thankful for your support of a coffee company fueled by rock n roll. 

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  1. Shana says:

    So cool you guys used my picture! Thank you all again for being awesome and having the best coffee ever!!! I will be a customer until my last breath 😉

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