Healthy Coffee Smoothie for the Morning

healthy coffee smoothie

Even though coffee can be enjoyed at anytime, doesn’t a healthy coffee smoothie for breakfast sound good?

According to researchers at the University of Oslo and the University of Minnesota, coffee is packed with antioxidants which can benefit your body and immune system. So you can see how a healthy coffee smoothie can not only caffeinate you, but benefit you as well.

So check out this banana coffee smoothie that is a GREAT breakfast option.

The ingredients you’ll need:

  • Your milk of choice
  • Banana – half of one will work if you choose. The riper the sweeter.
  • Any type of nut butter – Peanut, cashew or almond
  • Dash of vanilla extract
  • Of course, the Dead Sled Coffee of your choice. The amount is up to you.
  • Ice – If you don’t use a frozen banana

Mix all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. If it’s a little too thick for your liking, simply add more coffee or milk. If it’s too thin, you can either add more ice or the other half of your banana.

Super easy, low calorie, vegan friendly and 0 processed sugars!

Hope you enjoy!

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