Happy Birthday Dead Sled Coffee

Happy Birthday

Hi all… Mike W here and WOWZA!, Dead Sled Coffee turned one year old last week. Happy Birthday, Dead Sled Coffee!

Man how time flies… much like a human one year old this first year has been spent with many sleepless nights, tears & wondering where our mental deficiencies lie for doing this. We have also experienced laughter, love, a true bond built on friendship & respect. 

We have carefully overseen each batch of beans & ensured that only the highest quality coffee is put in our bags.

Then there is you guys, our customers. You guys have all quickly become family and it makes me happy to be building a community of caffeinated,  cool kids that appreciate great coffee. 

You have no idea how happy seeing you at shows and interacting with you through social media makes us. 

We are just getting started. We have so much amazing stuff we are working on. New coffees, new Merch, new artwork, new collaborations.

I am so grateful for everything I experience daily & never lose sight that it’s all because of you, our family of customers. You all rock!