Happy Birthday Layne Staley

Layne Staley

Sometimes we do blogs about coffee, sometimes about recipes, sometimes about events, and sometimes, about music. Today specifically, it’s about Layne Staley.

Hey everyone, Mike T here again and in case you’re not aware, Layne Staley would have been 52 today.

Layne is one of my all-time favorite front men, and a had a voice that could change your soul. Even though it wasn’t their first album, the album “Dirt” was my first experience with them. I was 13, and my musical tastes were forever changed. No pun intended, but Alice in Chains became an addiction for me.

The entire band of Alice in Chains is ridiculously talented, but I’d be liar if I said it wasn’t Layne’s voice that drew me in completely, and sometimes even put me in a trance.

I put together another Spotify playlist, this time in honor of Layne. I included my top 15 songs that included him, even some stuff from Mad Season.

An incredible talent, an incredible voice, gone too soon. Happy birthday, Layne.

Layne Thomas Staley: August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002.

Click here to listen to the playlist.

Layne Staley
Happy Birthday Layne Staley

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