Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson… a supporter of DEAD SLED COFFEE®

Introducing Don Jamieson – By: Acey Slade

From 2010-2015 I was the bassist for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  In those five years of extensive touring, we were in a tour bus maybe twice.  We always toured flying commercial airlines.  Usually Jet Blue.  We flew so much, they had our seat assignments on file.  I was always in seat 7A.  This sounds pretty exciting, and it was- it was a bit redundant and exhausting – but exciting.

The one thing I always looked forward to each flight was watching the VH1 program, ‘That Metal Show‘.  For those that don’t know, ‘That Metal Show’ was three middle aged guys who grew up on metal, completely nerding out on metal to an audience of other fellow metal nerds (present company absolutely included).  Don Jamieson, Jim and Eddy (the hosts) were totally the guys I would have hung out with in high school.  They understand music. Music that I love.

‘That Metal Show’ changed my flight from a “Tylenol with Wings” to hanging with my old friend in the basement.

Since the hosts were east coast based (mostly) we would run into each other at shows and a slight rapport developed, mostly with Don.  While the show may be gone, Don is still out there being the bad ass comedian he has always been.  I was super happy to catch up with Don on tour with Faster Pussycat and supply him, Tamie and Ace Von Johnson with some Dead Sled swag.

Here are a few things I didn’t know about Don Jamieson, that you should know.

  • Don started his career as one of the young and talented comedy minds at MTV.  Therefore, helping to launch the careers of comics like Jon Stewart, Kevin James and Jay Mohr.  Unbeknownst to many, Don was spending his nights on the local comedy scene developing his own comic style.
  • Jamieson’s proudest moment is becoming an Emmy Award-Winner for his work on HBO’s ‘Inside The NFL’.  Don and long-time comedy partner, Jim Florentine, lent their brand of humor to the popular sports show; writing, producing and performing sports-themed comedy sketches.
  • Besides that among many accomplishments, Jamieson’s two stand-up CD’s ‘Live & Hilarious’ and Hell Ben For Laughter on Metal Blade Records hit the Top 20 on iTunes and Top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts.  His third for the label ‘Communication Breakdown’ dropped April 21st.  He is proudly sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks and Coldcock Whiskey.

We are super proud to have Don, an Emmy Award winning comedian, and fellow rocker supporting DEAD SLED COFFEE®.

Check out the rest of his tour here.

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