Happy Birthday Dead Sled Coffee

Happy Birthday

Hi all… Mike W here and WOWZA!, Dead Sled Coffee turned one year old last week. Happy Birthday, Dead Sled Coffee! Man how time flies… much like a human one year old this first year has been spent with many sleepless nights, tears & wondering where our mental deficiencies lie for doing this. We have also […]

Episode #4 – Hollywood


“I won’t buy into the Hollywood thing… I want to be in good movies.”- Ewan McGregor On this episode of the podcast, Mike W & Mike T talk a bit about Mike W’s recent surgery, over hyped Hollywood movies (MIDSOMMAR), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Stone Pony and more. As a reminder, Dead Sled […]

Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Ice Cubes

tea ice cubes

Diana here again, back with another summer recipe. This one is for our amazing Kentucky Bourbon Nightshade Tea Ice Cubes. We all know the recipe for iced tea: Boil water, add a delicious Dead Sled Coffee Nightshade tea bag, pour over ice. Enjoy. Have you ever felt that the necessary component of the ice cubes waters […]

Coffee Ice Cream Punch Recipe

coffee ice cream punch

Hey, everyone! Diana here and check out our latest recipe for Coffee Ice Cream Punch. We are halfway through summer and it’s been a HOT one so far. Our Cold Brew does an amazing job of keeping the heat at bay or at least making it tolerable, but I thought it might be fun if […]

Liquid Dessert

Liquid Dessert

Mike W here and I hope you are all keeping cool! I’m currently 3 days away from a surgery and the doctors have had me on a liquid diet for the past week and will continue until they cut me open. The diet allows 5 100 calorie protein shakes, 100 oz of water, cups of […]

Episode #3 – Affogato


We start the show talking about Affogato, which is an Italian-based dessert using espresso. We touch a little on Acey and Noah attending Bar Convent Brooklyn along with our friends over at Mozart Chocolate Liquor which leads to more drink recipes using our brand new Draven Cold Brew. We ended the show discussing some upcoming […]

Whiskey Cold Brew

whiskey cold brew

It’s Friday, so how about a Whiskey Cold Brew recipe for the weekend? Hey everyone, Mike T here again, and it’s time for another recipe blog. Only this time, it’s for a delicious whiskey cold brew drink using Mossburn Whiskey, Barenjager Honey Bourbon and our very own Dead Sled Cold Brew. We’ve been collaborating with […]

All Purpose Coffee Rub

all purpose coffee rub

Summer’s just around the corner so here’s a recipe for an All Purpose Coffee rub using, well, Dead Sled of course. Hey everyone, Mike T here. One of my favorite things to do during the summer is enjoy a nice sunny afternoon cooking out on a grill. And what do I put on my grill? […]

Episode #2 – Joshua Coburn


Joshua Coburn is an author, motivational speaker and mentor. His most recent book, “SHIT THAT NEEDS SAID, SO YOU CAN KICK ALL THE ASS” is now back in stock. Visit http://www.joshuacoburn.com/ to pick up your copy today. On each episode we are going to run a different promotion that is only mentioned on the podcast […]