Where the Wild Things Are

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Dead Sled Coffee was founded with the intent of bringing connoisseur quality coffee to the creeps, freaks, rockers and outcasts. So is it any wonder or surprise to any of you to hear the news that we will have a booth at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market? I doubt it. The Halloween edition of […]

Continuing Celebrations with Women in Coffee Day

women in coffee day

We’re continuing celebrations with National Women in Coffee Day! We admit it, we’re cynics here at Dead Sled. At first glance, National Women in Coffee Day may sound like another cheesy Hallmark holiday geared to generate real sales. Well, since we’re just a month old..GOOD! All joking aside, Dead Sled is a coffee company. Two […]

Celebrate National Coffee Day… With Pumpkin

Happy National Coffee Day! We wrestled with the idea like a Cajun wrestling an alligator. And as the fates would have it on a recent trip to New Orleans inspiration hit. We (meaning you as well if you are reading this) love the fall. We love Halloween and a few years ago, before every Kardashian under […]

Thanks For The Support

Dead Sled Coffee was founded with the intent of bringing connoisseur quality coffee to the creeps, freaks, rockers and outcasts.  While the hipsters have great coffee, we have better music. Why shouldn’t we have both? That’s where Dead Sled comes in.  From the very beginning we wanted the world to know that we support artists […]

Five Alcoholic Coffee Recipes That Will Perk You Up

Five Alcoholic Coffee Recipes

If you’re trying to spice up your coffee, here’s 5 alcoholic coffee recipes that will turn that frown upside down.  A big misconception is that coffee is only for waking up in the mornings.  In today’s world, coffee is used for numerous things including cooking, baking, and in this case, drinking. The obvious key component for […]

Damien Echols Artist Blend and What IS the Artist Blend?

Damien Echols Artist Blend By Acey Slade Hey Deadlies! When we started Dead Sled Coffee®, our first commitment was obviously great coffee! Our second commitment was community. Creating a brand that would appeal to outsiders and, hopefully bring people on the fringe together. For centuries, nothing has brought people together like coffee. Especially the black […]

Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson

Don Jamieson… a supporter of DEAD SLED COFFEE® Introducing Don Jamieson – By: Acey Slade From 2010-2015 I was the bassist for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  In those five years of extensive touring, we were in a tour bus maybe twice.  We always toured flying commercial airlines.  Usually Jet Blue.  We flew so much, […]